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Tandem Bicycles - Bikes For 2 Riders

Tandem bicycles are bikes for 2 riders. A standard tandem bicycle is in an inline configuration with a "Captain" on the front seat who maneuvers and controls the bike and a "Stoker" in the back seat who contributes to pedaling power. Standard tandem bicycles allow an able-bodied captain to ride in front with a stoker with disability in the back seat.


Alternative tandem bicycles place the able-bodied person in the back seat to allow the person with disabilities to ride in front where they may feel more in control and included in the ride. 

Tandem bicycles may also have a side-by-side configuration. This option may provide a more stable and safe ride in cases where a Captain is smaller than the Stoker.

Electric Assist: Tandem bicycles may have an electric assist option. Tandem bicycles have double the pedaling power with 2 riders; but in some cases where the rider with disability is unable to provide as much power, the addition of electric assist can greatly improve the riding experience.

For more help choosing the right adaptive bicycle for your needs contact: 

Shelley at 786.489.2453



Buddy Bike Family Deluxe 2023.png

The Buddy Bike®

The Buddy Bike® is the alternative tandem bicycle with rear seat steering for riders with special needs providing adaptive and therapeutic cycling for riders with autism, down syndrome, sight impairment, balance issues, low muscle tone and other disabilities that would prevent them from riding a bike safely on their own. With the smaller rider in front both riders can enjoy the view. While this bike is ideal for riders with special needs, families with small children, or adults who want to enjoy a novel cycling experience can also have tons of fun. The Buddy Bike can be a teaching tool for beginner cyclists and provides security for riders who may not be able to cycle safely on their own. The Buddy Bike is safety-rated up to 380 pounds.


Kidz Tandem - Kids, Cargo, Pets

The Kidz Tandem is a rear-steering tandem bicycle that places the smaller rider in the front seat. Kids up to 100 pounds and 5' tall will enjoy leading the ride on this bike. With optional accessories, they aren't the only ones who can ride! This versatile bike can be adapted to accommodate kids, riders with disabilities, pets and cargo! Learn more at Kidz Tandem.

Choose front options:

Standard bike seat for kids

Supportive seat back

Cargo/pet basket

Which Tandem Bike is For You?

Buddy Bike vs. Kidz Tandem


Bikes For Every Body  |  786.489.2453

Adaptive bicycle dealer and sole distributor of The Buddy Bike®. Based in South Florida, USA.

Buddy Bike | 786.489.2453

Worldwide sales of The Buddy Bike®.

Based in South Florida, USA.

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