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What is Adaptive Cycling?

Adaptive cycling is riding bicycles, trikes or quads built with alternative structure or modified and adapted to fulfill the specific needs of the rider. With adaptive accessories and a variety of available equipment

we believe there is a bike for EVERY BODY!

Riding a bike is a special right or passage. It provides mobility, exercise, combats obesity, gets riders out into their community, and provides a sense of joy and freedom. For people with disabilities riding a bike may seem impossible but adaptive bicycles allow riders to experience the ride just like every other person.

Therapeutic Benefits of Cycling

Therapeutic benefits may vary depending upon the type of adaptive bicycle being used. but some benefits of cycling include:

  • promotes physical activity which combats obesity

  • strengthens core muscles for stability

  • improves balance

  • exercises reciprocal leg movements

  • promotes circulation and blood flow

  • improves motor planning and gross motor skills

  • provides visual and tactile stimulation

  • may improve full body sensory awareness

  • helps improve attention and focus

  • encourages socializing and community activity

  • multi-user bikes encourage teamwork and verbal communication

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