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GlideCycle is an outdoor weightless running bike that is great for all runners but is especially beneficial for runners with joint issues or who may be recovering from injuries. The GlideCycle has a proprietary Pelvic Suspension System and natural spring arch frame that lifts up to 90% of the runner’s body weight comfortably. This allows what we like to call, “weightless running,” with full ground contact, minimal joint impact and lots of fun exercises. No matter what your physical condition, you can get the hypnotic padding of a realistic run…the athletic sweat, the deep breathing, and the endorphins that make your day. All of the gain without the pain.

DEMO GlideCycle - South Florida Pick Up

  • PLEASE CALL 786.489.2453 BEFORE you purchase this demo bike. In the case of orders cancelled before shipping, processing fees WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

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