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BIKES FOR EVERY BODY - ADAPTIVE CYCLING RESOURCE is an online adaptive cycling resource for health care professionals who may prescribe these bikes for riders with disabilities, for bike shops who are seeking appropriate bikes for their customers, and for riders who are seeking available equipment, where to try and buy, and funding assistance for adaptive bicycles. 


Please consider supporting our efforts with a financial gift. Your contributions will help us continue our advocacy for adaptive cycling while helping us to cover the expense of building and maintaining this web site. Your contributions will help us cover web and domain fees, administrative expenses and marketing expenses.


Bike For Every Body is a for-profit business, so contributions are not tax-deductible. Alternatively, you might consider donating to a non-profit organization that aims to fund an adaptive bicycle for a family. We are more than happy to collaborate with organizations to make cycling dreams come true for riders with disabilities.


QUESTIONS? CONTACT: Shelley at 786.489.2453 or

Support Bikes For Every Body

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